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Published on 发表于 發表於 08/04/2022 at 09:45am

What’s Next: Digitalisation In Airport Hospitality With Smart Traveller 接下来会发生什么:Smart Traveller 智旅者带来机场接待数字化 往後何去何從:Smart Traveller 智能旅者帶來機場接待數碼化

An Innovative Global Airport Rewards Programme by Plaza Premium Group

The new way of rewarding experiences with conventional travel and virtual shopping. Online shopping behaviour has reached new heights because of the pandemic. The app-based Smart Traveller is designed with an easy-to-navigate interface for members to check the latest and exclusive offers, keep track of benefits and rewards, as well as earn and redeem points instantly through one platform seamlessly.

The mobile application includes a Global Air Travel Reward Marketplace, which curates travel-related products and services with the likes of private lounges of airlines and alliances redeemable with points or at a discounted rate, in addition to Plaza Premium Group’s airport hospitality services for members to enjoy the best of the travel world at their fingertips.

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常态旅游和虚拟购物奖励体验相结合的新方式。新冠疫情的爆发再次掀起网购热潮。Smart Traveller 智旅者手机应用界面简洁,便于会员查看最新和独家优惠、福利和奖励,方便会员及时赚取和兑换积分。




結合傳統旅遊與虛擬購物的新式獎勵體驗。新冠疫情令網購行為再創新高。Smart Traveller 智能旅者備有簡潔易用的應用界面,方便會員透過單一平台查看最新和獨家優惠、福利和獎勵,以及即時賺取和兌換積分。



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